Get your MARVS with a Service and see whats under your car

We know that it is often hard to trust a garage to carry out work for you regarding your car, but we are a Servicesure Autocentre that ensures that you have nothing to worry about. We follow high standards set out for us and with this we want you to see what condition your car really is in.

To help you decide which garage you wish to use and trust we created MARVS, a simple way for you to see for yourself. With most of our services you will be sent a MARVS (My Active Report Video Service) through to your phone via sms or email. 

Each MARVS carried out on a vehicle is a detailed video of your cars service inspection for you to see any potentional failures or advisories for your car that may need to be attended to sooner rather than later. 

Want to know more about MARVS? Just watch the video or ask us. Tel: 0151 343 0686.

Don't forget we have FlexiPay too, A National Warranty and so much more!



Make you car a Safe and clean enviroment with a gas recharge for your cars Air Conditioning System from £39.99      

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We offer a range of Servicing, Brakes, Tyres, Diagnostics, Exhausts, Aircon, Batteries and more.

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Over 30 years experience offering Smart Body Repairs for your car & small commercial from your trusted specialist. 

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3d Alignment

 3D Laser Wheel Image Alginment through using the very latest technology for your car and small commercial

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The new way to pay for service and repair bills

FlexiPay lets you pay over monthly instalments interest free!

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