Exhausts supplied and fitted for you car or small commerical

We cater for many car manufacturers supplying OE parts with a National Warranty for your peace of mind. In most cases we can supply and fit on the same day depending on your vehicle make and model.

With us you'll get our National Warranty on parts and labour should a problem arise afterwards, T&C's apply. Don't get caught out by cheap offers that simply remove baffels illegally from your exahust leaving you with a nasty problem when you come to M.O.T your car or have a section of your exhaust replaced.

Got a rattle coming from your exhaust or a blocked sound coming form your cars engine? Using more fuel than you were before? Get in touch with us today for your all your exhaust needs. 

Don't forget that we now have FlexiPay the new way to pay for service and repairs.

Give us a call today: 0151 343 0686 or enquire below.

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Make you car a Safe and clean enviroment with a gas recharge for your cars Air Conditioning System from £39.99      

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We offer a range of Servicing, Brakes, Tyres, Diagnostics, Exhausts, Aircon, Batteries and more.

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Over 30 years experience offering Smart Body Repairs for your car & small commercial from your trusted specialist. 

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3d Alignment

 3D Laser Wheel Image Alginment through using the very latest technology for your car and small commercial

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National Warranty

Giving you peace of mind wherever your journey takes you.

There’s nothing worse than a repair going wrong for some reason. When it happens it’s good to know that Servicesure’s no-nonsense warranty scheme will come to the rescue hassle free.

No matter how good the workmanship or the quality of the parts fitted, unfortunately things can still go wrong. Servicesure has an exclusive National Warranty Scheme that guarantees all the replacement parts* that have been fitted to your vehicle, terms and conditions apply.

Local Service National Strength

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The new way to pay for service and repair bills

FlexiPay lets you pay over monthly instalments interest free!

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